Virgin Mary of Kykkou

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Silk Screen Technique with Carved Gold Leaf Background


This icon is made of Carved wood and the background is handcrafted with Gold Leaves. The theme is reproduced directly on the canvas, using high end equipment, according to Traditional Silk Screen Technique. It is delivered properly and securely packaged. If this is a Special Gift, you can optionally upgrade to a Luxury Icon Case by selecting Premium Gift Wrap at the Cart page. Every icon is crafted after your order and you will receive the courier tracking number once it is ready to ship.

The story behind this Icon

Patron of All Christians

Feast Day is on September 8

Crafting & Delivery

Preparation period of this artwork is 4-9 days.

We deliver worldwide with FedEx & DHL Express.

Luxury Case (included with each icon)

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Arnaldo Meucci
Buona qualità, imballagio perfetto, conseg...

Buona qualità, imballagio perfetto, consegna più veloce di quanto indicato

Silk Screen Carved Icons

Find below the procedure of crafting our Silk Screen Icons on Natural Carved Wood and a Gold Leaf background.

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Silk Screen Technique

These icons are reproduced according to the Traditional Silk Screen Technique.

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Gold Leaf on Natural Hand Carved Wood

Once the natural wood panel is cut to the desired dimensions, our crafters carve the wood panel and carefully apply the Gold Leaves into the prepared surface.

A mounting point is placed at the back of the icon, along with the Certificate of Authenticity and Quality. Each of our icons bears the studio's unique title and logo.

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Theme application & final details

Once the gold leaves are applied, the Silk Screen technique is implemented. The theme is directly applied on the prepared surface and our crafters finish the artwork.

The icon goes through quality inspection and then is placed into a case. Finally it is carefully wrapped into our Protection Packaging and is ready to ship! The whole crafting and preparation procedure takes about 4-9 business days from the moment you place your order.

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Luxury Case & Express Delivery (optional)

We deliver our icons Worldwide. Optionally you can upgrade your shipping to Express for a faster delivery (DHL and FedEx Express). Also at the Cart page you can select Premium Gift Wrapping and upgrade to a Luxury Icon Case.

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Vierge Marie de Kykkou, Virgen María de Kykkou, Vergine Maria di Kykkou, Jungfrau Maria von Kykkou, Fecioara Maria din Kykkou, Maryi Panny z Kykkou, Дева Мария Кикку, Дева Мария от Кикоу, Богородице од Кикуа, Παναγία Κύκκου, مريم العذراء من Kykkou, Կույս Մարիամ Կիկկուի, and Kykkou 的圣母玛利亚