The beginning

March of 1997. The small boat approaches the coastline of Ouranoupoli and my first pilgrimage trip to Mount Athos comes to its end.

Various thoughts are already circling my mind. Is this truly the end or is this the beginning of a “journey”?

After several years of pilgrimage to various Monasteries, Sketes and Cells, I had the first ideas of making the Athonite treasuries known and available worldwide!

The blessed experience

At the summer of 2017, a request came from Mount Athos, to work at the "Athos Digital Heritage" project. This was the digital dissemination of the cultural heritage of Mount Athos Holy Monasteries. It included the digitisation of very rare and old books, manuscripts, Holy Icons and other Orthodox masterpieces!

This blessed experience  provided me with expertise and knowledge about the art of digitising and archiving artworks. After some months of living and working in this Holy place, that first ideas we mentioned earlier, started taking a real shape!

Online Greek Orthodox Icons with Gold Leaf

Agiografia Icons

Nowadays we offer hundreds of Premium Exact replica icons of original creations, handwritten in Mount Athos Monasteries and Shrines all over the world!

Agiografia collection keeps growing, as more than 200 themes are added each year, as also custom personalised synthesis icons are crafted upon customers’ request!

Our team is here to help you start your own personal icon collection or make a truly special gift to be remembered forever!

Online Greek Orthodox Icons with Gold Leaf

Icons Replication

In case you want to recreate your own icons, our Studio has the knowhow and the ability to service all your needs. Our experienced and talented crafters use top quality materials and traditional methods, combined with edge technology, in order to offer you exact replicas of your artwork. You can contact us at to arrange a meeting or a video call.

Online Greek Orthodox Icons with Gold Leaf


We offer special discounts for all our icons to Wholesale customers, such as Monasteries, Parishes and Shops. Send us an e-mail at with your details and by the time we receive them, we will contact you to discuss and enable your wholesale account. For any other information and help you can contact us also at +302312314266.