Saint Christophe

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Technique de sérigraphie avec fond de feuille d'or en retrait


Cette icône est en bois et le fond est fabriqué à la main avec des feuilles d'or. Le thème est reproduit directement sur la toile, à l'aide d'un équipement haut de gamme, selon la technique de la sérigraphie. Il est livré correctement et solidement emballé. S'il s'agit d'un cadeau spécial, vous pouvez éventuellement passer à un étui Luxury Icon en sélectionnant Premium Gift Wrap sur la page du panier. Chaque icône est fabriquée après votre commande et la procédure de préparation prend environ 4 à 9 jours ouvrables.

L'histoire derrière cette icône

An authentic Mount Athos theme by the holy fathers of Saint Gregory (Grigoriou) Monastery. This icon is an exact replica of the original artwork, with respect to the Byzantine tradition & style.

Saint Christopher was a man with a dog-like appearance who became a Christian and was known for his great strength. He was persecuted by the king who feared him and attempted to send his soldiers to arrest him. These soldiers turned into Christians and then the king ordered their execution. He then tried to deceive the Saint with two women, but they also became Christians themselves! So the King put Saint Christopher through various tortures, including being nailed to a brass instrument and cast into a well with a stone tied to him. Despite all these trials, Saint Christopher continued to proclaim his faith and eventually was beheaded, receiving the crown of martyrdom.

Saint Christopher is the patron of drivers

La fête est le 9 mai

Crafting & Delivery

Preparation period of this artwork is 4-9 days.

We deliver worldwide with FedEx & DHL Express.

Luxury Case (included with each icon)

Customer Reviews

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My new favorite icon shop

The delivery was very fast and everything was absolutely professional.
The Icon has a magnificent quality and it is perfect for a Ikonostasis or as a gift. I was also very happy about the little personal note :)
God bless

Saint Christopher

I ordered this icon recently for my baptism and received many compliments from members of our Parrish. Shipping to the USA was quick and had no issues.

B Meehan

Beautifully created icon is an answer to a prayer, St Christopher is a powerful intercession.

Qui Dao
Great item. i'm very happy with the purcha...

Great item. i'm very happy with the purchase.

Deborah Paletta
This icon is very high quality, beautifull...

This icon is very high quality, beautifully done, and the details are crisp. It arrived in a lovely protective case in perfect condition.

Icônes de sérigraphie

Vous trouverez ci-dessous la procédure de fabrication de nos icônes en sérigraphie sur du bois naturel encastré et un fond de feuille d'or.

Online Shop Byzantine Greek Orthodox Icons

Silk Screen Technique

These icons are reproduced according to the Traditional Silk Screen Technique.

Online Shop Byzantine Greek Orthodox Icons
Online Shop Byzantine Greek Orthodox Icons

Gold Leaf on Natural Wood

Once the natural wood panel is cut to the desired dimensions, our crafters carefully apply the Gold Leaves into the prepared surface.

A mounting point and a stand are placed at the back of the icon, along with the Certificate of Authenticity and Quality. Each of our icons bears the studio's unique title and logo.

Online Shop Byzantine Greek Orthodox Icons
Online Shop Byzantine Greek Orthodox Icons

Theme application & final details

Once the gold leaves are applied, the Silk Screen technique is implemented. The theme is directly applied on the prepared surface and our crafters finish the artwork by painting a delicate red border.

The icon goes through quality inspection and then is placed into a case. Finally it is carefully wrapped into our Protection Packaging and is ready to ship! The whole crafting and preparation procedure takes about 4-9 business days from the moment you place your order.

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Online Shop Byzantine Greek Orthodox Icons

Luxury Case & Express Delivery (optional)

We deliver our icons Worldwide. Optionally you can upgrade your shipping to Express for a faster delivery (DHL and FedEx Express). Also at the Cart page you can select Premium Gift Wrapping and upgrade to a Luxury Icon Case.

Le cadeau Chrétien parfait!

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Saint Christophe, San Cristóbal, San Cristoforo, Heiliger Christophorus, Sfântul Cristofor, Święty Krzysztofie, Святой Кристофер, Свети Христофор, Свети Христофор, Άγιος Χριστόφορος, سانت كريستوفر, Սուրբ Քրիստափոր et 圣克里斯托弗