There is nothing more beautiful than a Christian Orthodox icon. In fact, icons are considered the most sacred art form of the Orthodox Church because they depict Our Lord, Virgin Mary, Holy saints and Great Feasts of Christendom's history. Each icon is handcrafted in accordance with strict Museum Reproduction Standards or Traditional Silk Screen Technique, ensuring each piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

The finest materials are selected for each icon - Handcrafted Wood Panel, Gold Leaf Background and of course plenty of Love! At Agiografia Icons, we believe that an icon should be as beautiful as it is meaningful. That's why we carefully select only the most beautiful Themes for you.

A special addition to our Collections, is the reproduction of authentic icons from Mount Athos Monasteries - one of the most prestigious collection of Christian Orthodox icons on earth. We know you'll love our Exclusive themes from these important place of our faith!

Each icon can optionally be ready to gift, placed in its own luxury case, so you can give this valuable treasure to another person or make a special gift to your self. And shipping is free to USA, Canada and Europe!

Find all our Exclusive Icons here :

 Christian Orthodox Icons from Mount Athos Monasteries

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