Miraculus icons from Mount Athos

Virgin Mary the Directress (Hodegetria)

Those who have visited the Holy Monastery of Xenophon, will surely have heard the story of Panagia Hodegetria. Until 1730, the icon was in the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi, but in a miraculous way it "left" from there and was found in the Xenophontos Monastery. On hearing this event, the Vatopedi monks were alarmed and brought the image back. However, despite the security measures taken, she "left again" for the Xenophon Monastery. As the event was repeated a second time, the monks considered it the will of the Virgin Mary and went to worship her, but leaving her in the place that SHE chose to stay. In commemoration of this miracle, every year to this day the Vatopedi Monastery sends a delegation of monks and they offer her wax and oil for her candle.

Every first Sunday of October a vigil is held in the Monastery for her sake, while every Monday the fathers chant her prayer.

In the icon, the Virgin is represented holding Christ in her left hand who is blessing. On either side of her halo are depicted the Archangels Michael and Gabriel.


Virgin Mary the Directress Christian Orthodox Icon from Mount AthosVirgin Mary the Directress Byzantine Greek Orthodox Icon from Mount Athos
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